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Padmpurush Foundation is set up to bring special education one step closer to children who suffer from “Autism Spectrum Disorder”. The main objectives of Padmpurush Foundation are :-
To look into the overall growth and…

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About Us


Mrs. Padmaja Godbole founded Prasanna Autism Centre, in June 2000. The actual journey began, many years ago when she was first exposed to cases of autistic children during her post Graduate Diploma, in Education of Exceptional children (EDEXC) from the University of…

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Take Action


Volunteer Supporters from the community are a vital resource for any voluntary organization. A beautiful thing about volunteering is that it has no age limit, no educational constraint and certainly no work experience. All it requires is dedication to a cause, sincerity about

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upcoming events

Upcoming Events

We will keep you posted about the next event!
You can right us a mail if you have any idea for organizing an event.


News and Events


Prasanna Autism Centre celebrates various festivals such as Palkhi, Raksha Bandhan, Dahi Handi, Ganeshutsav, Bhondla, Diwali, and Christmas.
“We try to celebrate every festival in our centre so that the children understand the meaning of these festivals”. This encourages them to do something different from their routine.
In additional to above, one of the major event is on 2nd of April every year. Being 2nd of April is observed as ‘World Autism Day’, Prasanna Autism Centre takes participation on this day by creating awareness about autism among the public. This is done by distribution of pamphlets, arranging workshops, press conference etc. Not only on 2nd of April but Prasanna Lecture on Autism is also arranged on this day.